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How Your Emergency Dentist in Fort Lauderdale can Give You Relief for Your Toothache

March 12, 2019

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Are you in a panic trying to ease the pain of a severe toothache so you can get make it through your workday? Whether it’s a chipped tooth or oral bleeding, it’s important to get immediate care so you can still have a productive day. Your emergency dentist in Fort Lauderdale can give you the relief you need in a timely manner. Read on to find out what oral problems they can immediately solve for you! 

What Services Can My Emergency Dentist Provide Me With?

In the case of an emergency, you don’t have much time to react, which is why it’s important that you immediately try to get to your nearest dentist that can help. They’ll take your calls whenever is necessary,\ so you don’t have to be left wondering how dire your situation is. You can depend on your  dentist in Fort Lauderdale to provide treatment for any of the following situations:

  • Chipped or knocked-out tooth
  • Severe toothache
  • Jaw injury
  • Broken or lost crown or filling
  • Severe oral bleeding

What Should I do if I’m Experiencing a Severe Toothache?

There could be multiple causes for an intense toothache: something stuck between your teeth, a cracked or impacted tooth, decay, or an abscess. It’s recommended that you thoroughly brush, floss, and rinse to try to dislodge any debris or objects that may be causing the pain. If that doesn’t help, immediately call or go to your emergency dentist. On your way, you can use a cold press on the side of your face with something in between your skin and the press. This can help reduce swelling if there is any.

How Can I Prevent Dental Emergencies from Happening?

It’s impossible to keep emergencies from ever happening, but there are ways that you can lessen the chances that you’ll experience one. You can minimize your risk by exercising caution:

  • Try not to use your teeth as tools. By biting on your pen to hold it in place or ripping a piece of tape off, this can increase the chance that you’ll crack or chip a tooth.
  • When you’re enjoying sticky or hard foods, be careful to chew slowly. If you’re an ice-cruncher, this can also slowly wear down your enamel, so you may want to reconsider your habit.
  • If you’re playing sports, it’s important to always wear a mouthguard. Your dentist can craft you a custom-fitted one that will help protect your teeth from a variety of emergencies.
  • Be sure to schedule your semi-annual checkup and cleanings so you can prevent minor dental problems from turning into emergencies.

There are many tips and tricks out there to help you keep your dental hygiene in check and reduce your risk. Be sure to choose an emergency dentist that can quickly and effectively provide you with high-quality treatment!

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