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Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Natural Tooth

When patients hear that they need root canal therapy, their first reaction is often to head for the hills – but thankfully, this procedure doesn’t deserve its scary reputation in the least! In fact, if you have a tooth that’s suffered a traumatic injury or is badly decayed, root canal therapy may be the saving grace you need to save it from extraction. At Mingel Dental, our talented endodontist Dr. Baokhoi Bui is here to help in these situations, and you can rest assured that your comfort and safety will be prioritized every step of the way. Contact our practice today to schedule your first consultation.

How Do I Know If I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the inner pulp of the tooth becomes exposed to infection through an injury or a large cavity. This infection also wreaks havoc on the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that help keep the tooth healthy, transporting nutrients and taking away waste from the area. Common signs that can signal the need for root canal therapy include the following:

  • If you gums become excessively swollen or tender.
  • If you have a specific tooth that grows noticeably darker in color
  • If there’s a white bump on your gum tissue that resembles a pimple
  • If you tooth is constantly pained, especially when it’s exposed to hot or cold temperatures
  • If chewing is extremely uncomfortable

However, it’s important to remember that in some cases, damage that requires root canal therapy may not exhibit any noticeable symptoms at all. That’s why attending regular dental checkups with Dr. Mingel and the rest of our team is so important for your ongoing oral health.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

For your convenience, root canal therapy can typically be completed in just one appointment. Once we’ve determined that you’re in need of the procedure, Dr. Bui will start by carefully accessing the inner portion (pulp) of the tooth. He will remove the affected tissue and diseased nerves from this area, thoroughly cleaning away all of the harmful bacteria from the root canals themselves. After replacing the pulp with a safe, biocompatible substitute, the area will be sealed and a custom-made restoration (usually a dental crown) will be placed on top so as to restore the tooth’s lost structure and strengthen it.

What Happens After Root Canal Therapy?

After undergoing root canal therapy, it is very likely that the treated tooth will be somewhat sensitive for a few days. Our office can recommend pain and anti-inflammatory medications to help you manage your discomfort in the interim. However, you should be fully capable of going back to your normal routine the day after the treatment.

Root canal therapy may sound scary, but this procedure is highly revitalizing and successful. In fact, as long as they’re cared for properly with good oral healthcare (both at home and in our office), the teeth we treat can go on to last for a lifetime.