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What’s the Best Way To Make Dentures In Fort Lauderdale Fit Better?

February 4, 2019

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Implant-retained denture on the lower arch

You may think of dentures as a modern invention, but they’ve actually been around since around 700 BC. At that time, they were made of human or animal teeth held together with thin metal wire. Thankfully, dentures have come a long way since then! Currently, around 36 million Americans use dentures and, while they’re a great way to replace missing teeth, they often become loose and ill-fitting over time. However, there’s an outstanding solution that can not only help your dentures in Fort Lauderdale fit better but also function better than ever. Learn more below about why dentures become loose and what you can do about it!

Why Do Dentures Become Loose To Begin With?

Even if your denture fits perfectly at the start, chances are it will stop fitting as well as time goes on. This occurs because the body begins to slowly reabsorb the bone mass in the jaws after tooth loss, causing them to shrink and change shape.

When dentures are initially made, they’re designed to precisely fit the upper and lower jaws at that time. As the jaws become smaller, the same denture is too large to fit them snugly, causing them to become loose and slip during meals or conversations. 

Although dentures last a total of about 5-10 years, you may need adjustments every 1-2 years to help them continue fitting.  

What Are the Benefits of an Implant-Retained Denture?

Implants can completely change the way your denture fits because they do one thing that other options don’t: They act as replacement roots. This provides much greater stability, similar to natural teeth.

Implant-retained dentures are superior for a couple of reasons:  

  • Traditional dentures get their stability from natural suction and adhesive. But implants act as physical anchors so they provide a lot more support. This greatly increases your chewing power, allows you to eat tougher foods, and eliminates slipping from a loose fit.
  • Implants stimulate the surrounding jaw bone and maintain it over time to help prevent further bone loss. This helps your denture fit better, for longer, so you won’t need adjustments nearly as often as you would with a typical denture.

Also, in most cases just 2-4 small implants per arch are all that’s necessary to provide these benefits. Since upper dentures are typically secure enough on their own, many patients only need implants in the lower jaw.   

Having your individual needs evaluated is the best way to know if an implant-retained denture is right for you, so the first step is scheduling a consultation. You’ll be on your way to a better fitting denture that improves your quality of life every day!

About the Author

Dr. Marc Mingel is a dentist in Fort Lauderdale and also a native of South Florida. He understands how important it is for dentures to feel and function as good as they look.  When possible, he recommends implant-retained dentures because he knows that they provide unmatched stability. If you have any questions about your dentures, he can be contacted via his website.

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