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See Your Cosmetic Dentist in Fort Lauderdale to Enhance Your Smile

June 14, 2017

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 The cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale will help you have the smile you deserve. Welcome to another beautiful day in sunny South Florida! Just thinking about the pleasures of living here can bring a smile to your face. At Mingel Dental, our dentists want to help you have a smile that you’re comfortable with and proud to share with family and friends. We offer a number of cosmetic dentistry services that can be used individually or in combination to erase imperfections and create a lovely smile. Read on to find out what your cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale can do for you!

Porcelain Veneers

If there are several flaws detracting from the appearance of your smile—chips, cracks, breaks and even minor rotations—then you may want to speak to your Fort Lauderdale dentist about porcelain veneers. Made of high quality dental porcelain, these ultra-thin tooth coverings are adhesively bonded to the front side of teeth that are predominant when you smile. Receiving porcelain veneers typically requires only two appointments. At the first, your teeth are prepped and temporary veneers are placed. Then you return to our office after a couple of weeks to have the permanent veneers bonded to create your new smile.

Teeth Whitening

Many patients are pleased with the structure of their smile but aren’t happy about the color. If your teeth are not as white as you’d like them to be, then we offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening. Opalescence Booth is the in-office system we use. The formula is chemically activated and the quick reaction time means that your smile will be several shades brighter in about one hour.

If you happen to have sensitive teeth or if you’d just rather whiten your teeth gradually at home, Mingel Dental also offers an at-home system. We’ll take impressions of your teeth in order to make custom-fitted mouth trays to hold the bleaching gel against your teeth. You’ll see results after one or two applications, but the most dramatic change will occur after about two weeks of consecutive use.

Metal-Free Restorations

Even when you need a restorative procedure, we still have the appearance of your smile in mind. When you need a dental crown to repair a cracked, broken or severely decayed tooth, we specify all-ceramic materials in the manufacture of your restoration. These materials are just as strong as their metal counterparts and they allow us to mend your smile seamlessly. Absolutely no one will be able to tell the difference between one of your natural teeth and one with a dental crown.

Botox Cosmetics

To perfectly frame that beautiful smile, Dr. Mingel is trained to administer injections of Botox. A concentrated amount of Botox blocks the tiny muscle contractions that create lines and wrinkles. The effects last for months and no anesthesia is required for the injection.

Contact Our Office Today

To plan your new and improved smile, Dr. Mingel is pleased to offer a free cosmetic smile assessment. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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